Start Growing Your Instagram Today! Reach More People, Grow Your Brand And Make More Sales!
Straight Forward Pricing
Excellent Service, Fast Growth, Simple Pricing, Monthly Plans
Turbo Growth Plan

Average 600+ Followers a month

  Actively Liking Photos

IG Stories Views

Targeted Audience

Consistent Engagement

 Turbo Online Support

Premium Growth Plan
- Best Deal -
Average 900+ Followers a month

   Faster speed of growth

SPECIAL: Dedicated Account Manager

Account Manager Access: Tips, Tricks, Hacks given by our experienced and expert team

Targeted Audience

Consistent Engagement

 Priority Online Support

Influencer Plan
- Best Deal -
Our Social Media Experts help you manage and grow your audience

  * 12 Hours per month of Engagement on Your Behalf

* Commenting - We will interact with brands and influencers in your nice. Providing customized and real responses.

* Direct Messaging - Helping answer customer questions, drive sponsorships and collaborations. 

* Email Services - Answer your inbox with your inquires. Answer customer service inquires, or answer brand collaborations.

Need Content or Support?
Let us help you Create Content, Post, and create Engagement
Premium & Influencer Package

Both the Premium Plan and the Influencer Plan in a Package Price

* Save money by buying both Plans in this Package Price

Instagram Content Package

Let our Social Media Expert Create, Edit, and Post Content for You

* Customized Strategy -  Our team will learn about you/your business. and help create advertising concepts.

* 15 Instagram Posts per month - Created, Edited, Posting (you provide the initial photography). Unlimited edits until we get it right.

* 8 Instagram Stories per month - Created, Edited, Posted 

* Scheduled Posting - Based on key posting times, we handle it

* Hashtags - Our expert team will use researched and specific hashtags for you

Custom Packages

Have Specific Needs or Questions?
Contact us and setup a One on One call with on of our Social Media Managers

* Are you a Social Media Agency, need help managing clients? 

* Managing multiple accounts?

* Need occasional consulting and strategy advice?

* Need photography, photoshoots, models or content?

* Have questions about our services?

Need Expert Help?
Consulting from our Experts, Social Media Managers, and Content Creation
Instagram - Social Media Manager

Let us be your in house Instagram Experts
  •  Why spend 6 Figures for an in-house team when you can hire our experienced experts
  • ​Influencer & Engagement package included
  • ​Instagram Content Package
  • ​$100 spent on Instagram Ads
  • ​Ads targeted on your custom audience
  • ​Effective Instagram ads created with call to actions
  • ​Create real opportunities to gain customers, collaborations, clients, and real loyal fans
Instagram - Facebook Social Media Manager

Let us be your in house Instagram and Facebook Experts
  •  Hire our experienced managers to reach your social media goals
  •  Instagram - Social Media Manager package included
  • ​$100 spent on Facebook Ads
  • ​Creating custom Facebook audiences
  • ​Effective Facebook ads created, that will convert to real engagement, sales, customers, clients and fans
  • ​Management of your Facebook page, graphics, and content
  • ​Using Facebook messenger to promote and market
Paid Traffic Manager

Based off Ad Spend
Let us manage your Paid traffic
  •  We can gain you Return on your Investments, efficiently running your ads gaining you business
  •  We have expertise in running Google Search or Display ads, Yahoo, Bing, Instagram and Facebook
  • ​Prices are based off your ad spend per month
  • ​Minimum ad spend for month is $500, that way we can dial in your audience and then grow it
  • ​The fastest way to quickly grow your brand
  •  Millions of dollars of revenue generated from our experienced team
Let's get you some followers today!
Select the best package for your business today and let us show you how you can improve your reach, sales and grow your brand with Instagram!
Targeted Followers
Age, Gender, Location, Lifestyle and Hobbies
We can target your audience based on these categories, so we know your new followers will be interested in your account and content.
Increased Engagement
Since you will have New Targeted Followers it will improve your engagement through Views, Likes, Direct Messages and Commenting. See your engagements numbers Soar!
Plus a Bag Full of Tricks
You would be amazed what a difference small things like hashtags and image filters can make. Fortunately, we have quite a few tricks in our playbook.
Track Progress 24/7
More Followers = Less Work for You
Our job doesn’t end when you get those first few thousands of followers. In fact, that’s when the real work starts. With the right team sky is the limit.
We Keep an Eye on Everything
New followers, lost followers, comments, likes, inactive accounts… Our team of experts will take their time to understand these numbers, and then act accordingly.
Sit Back and Enjoy
We do all this so you don’t have to. Find some more important – or at least more fun – tasks and focus on them, while we grow your Instagram.
Personal Account Manager
Your Very Account Manager
The moment you sign up with us, you will get your personal account manager. Their job will be to keep you – and only you – happy and satisfied at all times.
Deeper Relationships
This exclusive relationship won’t just help our manager learn everything about you and your business, but will also result in better communication and stronger bond.
Unlimited Support
Needless to say, your account manager will be at your reach 24/7/365. Whatever doubts, fears and questions you might have, they will be right there to make sure everything is taken care of.
What are you waiting for?
Join the Jungle Social family today!
Frequently Asked Questions
 How soon will I see results?
After completing the setup process you should see results in within 24 hours.
 How can I change the strategy and target demographic I’m looking for?
Please reach out to your account manager. They can help adjust your target demographic and help revise your strategy.
 Can I use my Instagram account while using Jungle Social?
Yes, you can use your Instagram completely as normal.
 Can I set my Instagram account to Private?
Yes, you can set your account to Private, but growth will be slower. We recommend making your account public.
 Will I lose the followers I gained if I stop using Jungle Social?
Absolutely Not, the followers you gain are real followers who are interested in your account. They will stay with you after if you choose to stop our services.
 Will I gain real followers?
Yes, absolutely. You will gain real followers, as we use real specialized marketing techniques to help engage and drive real followers to your account. We do not sell fake followers.
 Will I need to give Jungle Social access to my Instagram account?
Yes, your account manager will need access to your Instagram Account. Your password will be held encrypted and secured. Your account manager will Not be posting, commenting, or direct messaging on your behalf. Please know that our Clients privacy and security are our #1 priority.
 How can I cancel my subscription?
If you want to cancel your subscription simply send a cancellation email to your account manager. We will confirm within 24 hours. To avoid being charged on your bill date, please make sure send a cancellation email 7 days before your bill date. This will allow for your Account manager to cancel your account and make sure your Credit Card is not charged.
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2018 © All Rights Reserved